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  • Winner of Britain’s most coveted commercial prize, a Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation.
    The Xtract®2 is heralded as an important advance in battlefield casualty care.

  • I have 16 years of experience in military medicine with 8 of those as an 18D, so I have seen many products …, the Xtract SR is a great improvement on patient movement techniques and can greatly enhance a team’s capabilities.

    5th SFG, PJ’s, Red Flag Rescue 2019
  • The Xtract®2 Stretcher is a well thought out piece of equipment. This device bridges the gap between rigid litters like the Talon or SKED and smaller evacuation tarps.

    NTOA Member from Ohio
  • What I found was a very well made, versatile product that WORKED from the point of injury to the LZ.

    NTOA Member from Massachusetts
  • If you’re looking for a lightweight stretcher for multipurpose use, then this would need to be put up at the top of the list.

    NTOA Member from North Carolina
  • All in all, this is a very well thought out piece of equipment and I could not be happier with the construction.

    NTOA Member from North Carolina

Lightweight Casualty

  • Xtract® Litters uniquely combine a compact lightweight design with high durability and the principle requirement for patient safety.
  • Years in development the Xtract® range of rescue stretchers are the most lightweight and robust stretchers on the market. Providing a viable solution to point of wounding casualty movement.

The Xtract® range of lightweight rescue litters are designed to quickly move patients from point of incident to definitive care.  Xtract® stretchers provide a cocoon for the patient so they can be lifted or pulled across challenging environments without compromising patient care or provider safety.

Rigorously Tested

Queens Award for Innovation

Built from Operational Feedback

Modular Solution

Providing you with the choice and flexibility to select the most appropriate configuration for the specific operation. The Xtract® range is a modular approach for the transportation of a casualty from a hostile or challenging environment.

Minimizing weight and cube and allowing for operational flexibility.

Lightweight &

When low cube size and minimal weight are paramount, Xtract®2 gives responders a viable capability to quickly secure and evacuate casualties.

Ideal for operators who require a rugged, flexible stretcher which can be easily carried alongside operational equipment and be readily available at point of injury.

 Built with the specialy developed the Duraelite fabric, the Xtract®2 stretcher is rated to 300 kgs (660lbs), and weighs less than 1.5kg (3lbs).

Lightweight and Robust

At the heart of the Xtract®SR is a Duraelite™ fabric cocoon that conforms and adjusts quickly to the variable sizes and shapes of each patient. Once in the Xtract®SR, patient accessibility is maintained and heat loss is reduced.

The detachable, and replaceable, ridged sled base with integral high-density foam padding further protects and comforts the patient during transport.

Weighing less than 7lbs allows Xtract®SR it to be easily carried, packed into a backpack measuring only 9″ x 22″.

See a Demonstration of the Xtract Stretcher system

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