SMARTSafe™ Patient Belongings Bags - Hospital Patient Property Bags

  • Since implementing the use of SMARTSafe bags I have been able to decrease the loss of [patient] property

    John R Little MSN, Assistant Nurse Manager, Intermountain Medical Center
  • We use the [SMARTSafe] bags every day in the ED as security bags for all patient belongings. I love them…

    ED Nurse, Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center
  • We have made the use of SMARTSafe™ Bags a procedure in our Level 1 Trauma Center and we are seeing the benefit of that every single day.

    John R Little MSN, Assistant Nurse Manager, Intermountain Medical Center
  • A patient’s jacket containing house and car keys was lost somewhere in the hospital. We had to pay for a locksmith & new locks at the patient’s property and a replacement electronic key for their car.

    Provided by an organization who has now adopted SMARTSafe™
  • Since introducing SMARTSafe Bags we have seen an 80% reduction in the number of items reported as lost.

    Gary Bassett, Head of Patient Experience

Safe & Secure

SMARTSafe Patient Property Bags reduce instances of lost items, providing peace of mind for patients and staff alike.

  • Saving MoneyMinimize claims for lost items and cut costs of replacement
  • Saving TimeSecuring belongings at point of care will save nursing staff time looking for lost items
  • Reducing StressPatients become less anxious, knowing their belongings are being kept safe

Designed by Nurses to fit into current process’ to increase the efficiency patients belongings are cared for.


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    Time Saving

    Designed by nurses to fit with standard process’ SMARTSafe™ Patient Property Bags will help increase the efficiency patients belongings are cared for and reduce time spent looking for misplaced items

    Secure Belongings

    The Robust, tamper-resistant patient property bag, will provide clean & secure storage of patients’ belongings. Ensuring peace of mind for Nursing Staff, the Patient, and facility management that belongings are protected from loss.

    Simplified Handover

    Having all the patients belongings in one sealed bag, simplifys handover between staff, departments, units and facilities. Resulting in a significant reduction in lost items.

    Barcode Tracking

    The barcoded wrist band will link the belongings to the patient, the peel of barcode lables give additional ways to track handover between departments and establish a link to the patients physical chart.


    SMARTSafe Patient Belongings Bags have a unique barcoded wristband which can be scanned into the patients digital chart, allowing for simple tracking of patient belongings, ensuring that they are returned to your patient safely after their treatment.


    SMARTSafe™ patient belongings bags can save nurses a tremendous amount of time over an average week. Valuable time is lost every week in your facility looking for patients’ misplaced belongings. Nursing staff are frequently called upon to look for patients’ eyeglasses, hearing aids, jewelry, or house keys that have been misplaced during admission, treatment or transport.

    SMARTSafe™ patient property bags are designed with innovative tamper-evident features, make it quick and easy to safeguard patient belongings’ and offer all-round peace of mind. They are a simple, cost-effective solution to prevent lost items.

    Secure, durable, and easy to use. Available in two different sizes, belongings can be stored and tracked, reducing anxiety and saving time.

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    • SMARTSafe Small
    • SMARTSafe Property Bag Small
    • SMARTSafe Small 1
    • SMARTSafe Large 2
    • SMARTSafe Large 1



    Small 9 ½” x 11 ½”

    Large 25 ½” x 24″

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