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Trusted Across america State Wide Standard in 10 States and the most widely used system around the world Scaleable incident response Working from the first responder on scene through to the receiving hospitals STRUCTURED Modular scalable responce along ICS allows for a logical structured response to any MCI INCIDENT MANAGEMENT
  • Everyone was in agreement that the SMART Triage system was a key role in the incident… The triage tagging system was a blessing, much easier to use and much easier to keep track.

    Chief Nathan Spence Elverson EMS
  • I strongly feel that the training and the SMART system helped us to effectively triage and treat our patients… indirectly you helped to save many lives that day and this agency thanks you for the training and the equipment and your commitment to EMS.

    Patty Bashaw, President Essex County EMS
  • The way the tag has evolved has shown thought and analysis of what is needed by the end user.. But, more importantly, it’s part of a systemic approach

    James Soto, Associate Director - Disaster Preparedness. Bureau of EMS New York State Dept. of Health
  • …well designed with the EMS provider in mind. The card design is solid, but combined with the other stuff, it is tough to beat

    Eric Epley Executive Director, Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council for Trauma
  • We already had triage tags on our ambulances, but nothing more. The SMART system allowed us to expand our ability to respond to MCI.

    Neal Hargrave, Acadian Ambulance Service Louisiana
  • The Smart Incident Command System is by far the most practical, well thought out and ultimately relevant range of equipment that I have seen.

    Dr Judith M. Fisher MB BS FRCGP FFAEM FIMC(Ed) Founder Member of the World Association of Disaster

Dynamic, High Visibility, Triage Tag

Proven again and again in disasters worldwide, SMART Tag® is undoubtedly the most widely used triage card available.

  • Innovative folded design allows for simple re-triaging
  • Highly visible, with Priority 1 lightstick
  • Highly durable, waterproof and tear resistant material
  • Space for structured recording of interventions (time allowing)
  • Unique barcode for integration with tracking software

The SMART Tag®‘s; folded design means that effective triage is quick and simple, allowing you to reprioritize your casualty quickly without losing information.


The SMART Tag® has been designed to survive the worst of conditions. Whatever the conditions you can rely on the SMART Triage Tag to provide a reliable way to communicate at the scene.

Quickly Reprioritize

Innovative folding design allows quick reprioritizing of casualties to reflect the dynamic nature of their condition.

Highly Visiable

Large colored panels coupled with the priority 1 light stick make it easy to quickly direct care to those most in need.

Barcode Tracking

Unique barcoded on the SMART Tag® will integrate with many different digital tracking solutions and electronic PCR’s.

SMART Triage™ Pack

  • Designed for frontline vehicles
  • Contains all the tools needed for effective, rapid triage
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Contents that are held securely whilst in use

Holding the key triage equipment, SMART Traige™ Pack  assists front line responders to initiate a systematic response, allowing for the rapid triage of adults and children at any incident. The SMART Triage™ Pack has proven invaluable in enhanced control at many real world events.

Improving Survivability


The SMART TRI Pack™ allows you to perform rapid lifesaving interventions while conducting effective triage.

A Life Saving resource for responders that provides space for key medical equipment allowing them to deliver rapid interventions at the point of injury, without the need to take a full trauma bag into the incident.

SMART Commander™

  • Detachable, clearly structured control boards to assist information gathering and handover
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Ideal storage of Maps, Plans & key information
  • Having imprtant information readily avaliable speeds up decision making

Designed for ease of use, the SMART Commander™ acts as a mobile command point providing a structured response to both routine incidents and multiple casualty events.
This flexible tool kit has proven to be effective all over the world with additional CBRNE, Fire Ground and Hospital (HEICS) control boards available for specialized incident response


The SMART MCI Bag™ gives a complete grab bag to respond rapidly with all the resources required to manage a mass casualty event.

The SMART MCI Bag™ is the ideal resource to resupply an on-going incident or set up a medical command post at a pre-planned event (such as a town fair or large sports event).

Containing 4 SMART Triage Pac™s and 1 SMART Commander™, the SMART MCI Bag™ will provide the supervisor with Triage for 80 casualties, a command and control structure and space to store additional MCI response equipment (not supplied).

SMART™ Triage



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  • SMART Commander

    SMART Commander™

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    SMART MCI Bag™

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  • SMART T.R.I. Pack 1

    SMART T.R.I. Pack™

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  • SMART Tag

    SMART Tag™

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  • SMART Tape

    SMART Tape™

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  • SMART Triage Pack 1

    SMART Triage Pack™

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  • SMART Tag

    SMART Triage Pack™ T.R.I. PACK™ REFILL

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