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Rapid Onset Violence
Emergency Response Kit

  • Immediate Deployment for Active Shooter Response
  • Rapid Treatment Kits
  • Rapid Patient Extraction

Deployment ready, ROVER allows EMS and fire officials to immediately ascertain scene specific information, start unified command and make appropriate decisions.

Unified Command

Now that the response paradigm has shifted and EMS and law enforcement are handling these incidents differently than we used to, the right tools to handle scene command, patient assessment and viable patient extraction are needed.

Rapid Extraction

ROVER™ contains two military grade extrication devices to rapidly extract patients from the warm zone. Weighing less than 3lbs, the Xtract®2 provides the ideal solution for rapid casualty movement.

Deployment Ready

ROVER allows EMS and fire officials to immediately ascertain scene specific information, start unified command and make appropriate decisions.

Triage & Rapid Treatment

ROVER™ contains 4 IFAK kits that allow responders to assess viable and non-viable patients as well as rapid intervention supplies to treat those most seriously injured.


Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)

Compact size and MOLLE attachment makes this IFAK ideal for intergration into duty equipment.

Comes fully stocked with the items necessary for serious wound management of one casualty & PPE to help reduce exposure.

Essential equipment for tactical officers.


This versatile kit is equipped with mutiple sets of trauma supplies for effective treatment of numerous casualties.

The RISK Kit was developed for agencies that want to not only have the specialized medical equipment needed to rapidly treat life threatening injuries, but also have space to carry triage equipment.

The RISK kit is perfect for responding to evolving scenarios quickly and efficiently with the correct tools to address severe bleeding and deal with airway and respiratory issues.

Active Shooter Command

Sized to fit your arm, allowing you to move around the scene and providing you with a solid surface to write on.

Detachable external control boards prompt ordered reporting and assist with information management which speeds up decision making. Ultimately improving your response.

The Active Shooter SMART Commander™ comes with additional ‘Resource Control’ tracking boards to help you keep track of personnel on scene and incoming assets.



The Xtract®2 weighing in at 3lbs and packing down to the size of a football but rated to 660lbs it is easily packed alongside operational equipment for rapid casualty extraction.

Ideal for operators who require a rugged, flexible stretcher which can be easily carried into an active incident.

Contents can be adjusted to meet your services specific needs and requirements

    • IFAK


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    • RISK Kit

      RISK Kit

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    • ROVER Option2


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    • Active Shooter Commander

      SMART Active Shooter Commander

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