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SMART T.R.I. Pack™

The ultimate practical solution, combining rapid lifesaving interventions and effective triage.




The SMART T.R.I. Pack™ has been designed around the equipment most frequently selected to address immediately life threatening conditions typical at a multiple casualty incident.

Guided by customer feedback and data from recent incidents, we have designed the SMART T.R.I. Pack™ to be a valuable resource to the responder, providing them with space for medical equipment such as trauma dressings, airways and chest seals, without the need to take a complete trauma bag into the scene. This allows the delivery of rapid life saving interventions at point of wounding.

SMART T.R.I. Pack™ in Hazmat Setting

The SMART T.R.I. Pack™ is a practical way to take chemical antidote auto injectors into the scene of a HazMat incident, which is vital to the treatment of emergency service personnel and civilian casualties contaminated at the scene.

The design of the Smart T.R.I. Pack™ allows it to be worn over a positive pressure suit without compromising the air circulation in the suit.

The need for rapid treatment at the scene of an MCI remains, without this needless lives are being lost…

With many years of international experience in Multiple Casualty Response (MCI), we have accumulated research and feedback from historical events on ways to improve survivability from MCIs, guided and tested by our customers, we have developed the SMART T.R.I. Pack™ to make a real difference. Beaton et al, The Sarin Gas Attacks on the Tokyo Subway – 10 years later / lessons learned, Journal of Traumatology (June 2005)


Why SMART T.R.I. Pack™?

  • Works with MUCC/SALT, START & Sieve
  • Contains all you need for rapid effective triage
  • Lifesaving interventions are held securely and easily accessible
  • Hands-free design enhances scene safety