SMART Active Shooter Commander - Kingfisher Medical
  • Active Shooter Commander

SMART Active Shooter Commander


  • Enables a structured response to an incident
  • Detachable control boards for efficient reporting and handover
  • Map and Plan holders allows easy access to vital information
  • Weather proof and reusable
  • Provides a mobile command point




Control Boards
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The Active Shooter SMART Commander™ provides a structured way to control and manage the response to a live incident.

Detachable external control boards prompt ordered reporting and assist with information management which speeds up decision making. Ultimately improving your response.

The Active Shooter SMART Commander™ comes with additional ‘Resource Control’ sheets to help you manage the scale of your response and additional inserts containing useful information specific to Active Threat incidents

The internal ID log panel allows you to manage your personnel on scene and retain their ID for scene security, record your activities with the communications log and manage casualties with the patient tracking pad.

Control Boards