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ROVER™ gives the incident commander not only what they need to GATHER INFORMATION and make critical life-saving decisions, but also the EQUIPMENT NEEDED to RAPIDLY ASSESS and INTERVENE when necessary.

  • Contents can be adjusted to meet your services specific needs and requirements
  • We have 4 standard loadouts


  • Immediate Deployment for Active Shooter Response
    • Deployment ready, it allows EMS and fire officials to immediately ascertain scene specific information, start unified command and make appropriate decisions.
  • Correct Tools
    • Now that the response paradigm has shifted and EMS and law enforcement are handling these incidents differently than we used to, the right tools to handle scene command, patient assessment, and viable patient extraction are needed.
  • Rapid Treatment & Triage
    • Comes with individual trauma kits (IFAK) & RISK kits allowing responders to assess viable and non-viable patients as well as rapid intervention supplies to treat those most seriously injured.
  • Allows for Rapid Casualty Extraction
    • ROVER™ contains tools to rapidly extract patients from the warm zone.
    • Cocooned within the Xtract®2, your casualty is secured and you can quickly move them, reducing your exposure.
  • Command & Control
    • On-scene commanders are provided with the tools they need to make decisions and allow a rapid response to a live incident.

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