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International World Women’s Day, on 8th March 2023, was a bitterly cold and wintry day on Salisbury Plain, with biting winds and a full covering of snow on the ground. This didn’t prevent the 1st Battalion Irish Guards – a royal regiment of the British Army formed in 1900 by Queen Victoria – from carrying out foot patrol, reconnaissance, and casualty evacuation drills across the Salisbury Plain MoD training area.

For some of the soldiers involved, the weather was a sharp change from their recent security deployment in Africa.


Royal visit

An official visit and inspection from the honorary Colonel of the Irish Guards HRH Kate Middleton (Windsor), Princess of Wales, who took part in the rapid casualty treatment and extraction exercise.

The Princess of Wales, took over the honorary position from her husband the Prince of Wales, following the death of the late Queen.

Ambush and injury

As part of the exercise, an Irish Guards foot patrol was ambushed by an enemy, during which a soldier suffered a ‘gunshot wound’ to his leg and had to be evacuated from the scene. The purpose of the exercise was to strengthen readiness of the soldiers to respond quickly and effectively to battlefield casualties.

The Princess of Wales assisted a Lance Corporal of the battalion to apply a tourniquet and other assistance to the ‘injured’ soldier, before being transferred to an Xtract Litter where HRH used SMART triage systems to evaluate him for additional injuries.

The event was a great endorsement for both the Irish Guards, and for the equipment carried by all UK front-line operators to care for the injured operator and reduce morbidity and mortality.

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