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Unit Led Facility Evacuation Promoting Calm & Improving Care Tracking patients & Staff scalable approach for both a full or partial evacuation of health care facilities EVIDENCE BASED Reducing staff stress and directing resources effectivly PATIENT PRIORITIZATION
  • Among the most challenging and complex decisions to be made in any disaster is whether to invoke a healthcare evacuation.

    The Challenge Of Mandatory Evacuation : HEALTH AFFAIRS ~ Volume 25, Number 4 pg958-967
  • The full evacuation of 157 patients occurred within 3 hours. The main floor of the hospital was submerged under eight inches of water by the time the evacuation was complete

    Columbus Regional Hospital in Indiana
  • National Requirements establish consistent emergency preparedness requirements for health care providers participating in Medicare and Medicaid.

    CMS Guidelines effective Nov 16, 2016
  • Despite the risk of a full or partial evacuation being well documented many healthcare facilities have yet to put in place the tools, policies and ‘hands-on’ preparation required for efficient evacuation.

    Challenges and Resources for Nurses Participating in a Hurricane Sandy Hospital Evacuation. VanDevanter N, Raveis VH, et al
  • In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, although emergency power was maintained at the VA Medical Center of New Orleans, loss of city water caused administrators to order a full evacuation.

    Area Emergency Management staff, Veterans Administration Medical Center, New Orleans - January 2009

Modular Evacuation System

In line with CMS Requirements and Joint Commission Guidelines
  • Unit and Department Led Evacuation
  • Evidence based patient prioritization
  • Staff & Patient Tracking

Flexible Manual System

A modular solution to resolve the complex problem of Medical Facility evacuation

Training requirements have been minimized to allow for easy, just in time, implementation

Functional equipment improves decision making and patient safety

Hospital Evac System

Standardize Evacuation Process Across Every Unit

Follows Joint Commission Guidelines


As the importance of preparation becomes increasingly clear and the likelihood of severe weather grows, federal regulators and accreditors are looking to make sure our hospitals are as ready as they can be.

Strategicaly Located Supplies


By placing an evacuation management pack at every nurses station, a standardized set of tools is readily accessible. Nursing staff can quickly activate the evacuation process, initiate patient tracking and implement clear communication with your incident management teams.

Evidence Based Prioritization


Triage based on a simple aggregate scoring system using physiological measurements, already recorded in routine practice. This ‘early warning score’, determines the degree of illness of a patient and detects clinical deterioration. The score is then used to determin evacuation priority A, B, C or D 

Simple Triage

Performing initial Triage is vital to providing the best level of care to the largest number of our patients or residents.

Standardized process will allow each unit or ward to clearly communicate with the management team the resources required to evacuate.

Evacuation Triage and Tracking Tag records vital information from initial assessment to arrival at reciving facility and clearly indicates patient priority allowing transport teams to efficiently move patients.


Unit Level Control

Stored on each unit or at every nurses station The Unit Level Evacuation Management Pack contains essential tools for staff to prioritize and initiate tracking of all patients on their unit.

This evacuation tool kit is equiped for up to 20 patients within a department or floor. The Unit Level Evacuation Management Pack will standarize a facilities evacuation efforts and co-ordinate incident management, patient movement and patient & staff tracking.

With each unit working from the same tool kit the incident management team will have standardize communication and uniform, evidence based prioritization of patients across muti-disiplinary departments.

Complete Solution

Mutiple tasks are broken down into practical simple to use moodules, enhancing overall evacuation.

SMART Evacuation System assists hospitals and healthcare organizations in improving their emergency management planning and response to a full or partial evacuation.

Easy access, designed to work in high stress environment the SMART Hospital evacuation system will form an integeralpart of your facilities evacuation response.

Can be intergrated into HICS processes and hierachy.


Hospital Evac System

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