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Breaking the Deadly Cycle: Managing Hypothermia in Trauma


Hypothermia isn’t just a concern in cold weather—it’s a critical threat following traumatic injuries, especially in cases of significant blood loss.

Traumatic Hypothermia and Blood loss can lead to the “lethal triad” (hypocoagulation, hypothermia and acidosis).

Effective hypothermia management is key to breaking this deadly cycle and saving lives on and off the battlefield.

1. Early Recognition: Awareness and training to identify the risk and the symptoms of hypothermia promptly.

2.️ Prevention: Take PROACTIVE steps to keep casualties warm and dry. – “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

3. Effective insulation combined with Active Warming: Utilize external heat sources to raise body temperature. While ensuring that the heat is source warms the patient and not allowed to escape.

4. Fluid Management: Administer Warmed fluids to avoid exacerbating hypothermia.

5. Integrated Approach: hypothermia management is trauma care.

Together, we can make a lifesaving difference.

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